Absence and Presence | 2016 Best MFA Thesis Project Award. Department of Digital + Media

Sound Installation | Medium: Bone Conduction Transducers, Sound, Wood
Rhode Island Convention Center, RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition, May 27 - June 4, 2016

In the installation “Absence and Presence,” I examine the possibilities of sound as a way to see and touch, incorporating wooden objects and space. Memories are translated into the form of audible structures which represent simplified figuration of my body. I was interested in how one’s memory can be experienced by others acoustically and tangibly and how the audiences can engage in the particular details of someone’s recollection. The vibratory information (sound) is missing in presence, but it appears in your inner ears when you make physical contact with the objects. A quiet dialogue with the listeners begins inwardly and the empathy emanated from the individual resonates with the others through the haze of a selective past of their own.