2018 Fall | DIG 3253C Digital Audio Recording and Editing | Florida Atlantic University

Course Description 
This course will introduce you to audio recording and editing techniques for a variety of media productions in a broad and diverse manner. Students explore the use of sound and video editing software and equipment to investigate contemporary approaches to the production of sound art and the moving image.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, a successful student will be able to

  • design sound-centered multimedia projects and new media devices.

  • become knowledgeable in the field of sound art and contemporary sound production environment.

  • develop a basic proficiency in designing sound: recording, monitoring, editing, processing, and mixing.

  • appreciate the importance of a critical examination of sound art practices.

  • examine how sound strengthens the narrative element in media and analyze and critique the sound design of various media projects.

Foley Design & Video Beatbox

Sonic Narrative: Create a 2-minute story in a narrative form using only sound effects to dramatize moments and create emotional moods. Your story could be a response to a specific location, or a fictional account of your experience, dream, or events.

Disruptions | Alexandria Benavides

It 9 pm and Alexandria just escaped the cold rain outside. She has only a few minutes to compose a piece with her violin before she is interrupted by her roommate. She pours a glass of her favorite red wine to help relax her mind as she prepares for an enjoyable session. Taking a sip, Alex starts to walk up to her home studio and sets up her music stand, opening her violin case with a key. She uncovers the beautiful blue blanket that protects the violin from damage. Attaching the shoulder rest to the violin, the violinist takes out her rosin and then rosins her bow. She starts playing her A, D, G, and E string to tune for perfect intonation. The violinist uses the keyboard to help tune her violin, playing each key a few times. Taking a breath, she starts with a few little melodies to help her warm up. The violinist lays her blank sheet music on the stand. She sharpens her pencil and begins writing a few notes that comes to mind. The violinist starts playing the notes that she wrote down. Taking another breath, she experiments the beauty of each note and rhythm. Only a minute till she can fully use this time to really enjoy her violin practice. All of a sudden, her phone rings and she is interrupted by her mother. She declines the call because she will call back later after her practice session. Alexandria takes another sip from her wine and tries to relax with her music. Of course, her phone rings again and this time it’s her friend from New Jersey that she hasn’t heard back for 2 years. Having only a minute to spare, she declines her call knowing that she will call her back after she finishes practicing and speaks to her mom. Alex picks up her violin and just as she was about to play, she heard a knock on her door knowing who it was. Her roommate opens and the door, and without hesitation, Alexandria throws her through the glass window. All this week, Alexandria never had the time to herself with music and completely lost it. Her roommate survived but was sent to the hospital with a few cuts and scars. Overall, Alexandria continues practicing her violin.

Morning Dream | Nicolas Giassi

Most of our morning are routines. What if you dreamt of your morning routine and as you leave the door, your morning restarts from when you woke up. Is it a dream or are you stick in an alternative universe?

Decisions | Gina Dohmen

It is raining outside and a couple is arguing in a house upstairs. There is a dog barking as this is going on. There’s a clash or a sound of a slap. The door opens and the girl storms downstairs. The dog whines. She then puts on her shoes and grabs her keys. She opens the front door, the dog barks again, and then she slams it and runs to the car. She opens the car door and closes it, puts on her seatbelt, turns on the car, and drives off. She speeds away while crying. She turns on the radio and starts fiddling with the radio. During this suddenly you hear her gasp, the screeching of tires, and a car horn that fades into a ringing noise that fades out and fades back in. The whole thing reverses (with an echo to add effect) all the way to when she was running down the stairs. The scene starts there and she puts on her shoes, grabs her keys, and she goes outside. Instead of driving off she opens the trunk, grabs something, closes it, runs back to the house. She opens the door, runs up the stairs and shoots the man three times. The rain fades out and the narrative is done.

A Distant Sound | Gina Dohmen

Riley begins her day as she has always been for the past three months, in a cold sweat after a nightmare. The nightmares are always the same, and un familiar whisper seeming to recite the same words over and over. The nightmares have become a routine part of her life, so now, she just ignores it and continues with her day. Riley steps into the bathroom and begins to wash her face with cold water as the faucet is running she hears a voice. She turns off the faucet and hears nothing. She runs the water again and the voice whispers. Riley thinks to herself that she’s just tired and stressed, and she begins to step into the shower. As her morning continues, Riley puts on her heels and steps out into the city. People whistling, talking, cars passing, and the old Cuban lady selling food across the street yelling her daily prices. The noise is something Riley is used to, she begins to put on her headphones to make her walk to the train station a little less dull. The music begins to sing into her hears, she’s bopping her head and walking to the beat of the song when all of a sudden, she hears the whispers again. Riley thinks to herself that she must be going crazy, so she turns off her headphones. Nothing. Then, all of a sudden, the whispers come flying in to her head. She begins to run, and the sounds of the city grows louder. Once down in the subway all she can hear is the loudness of the train, and she finds solace in that blare. Riley makes it to work and everything seems normal, as she walks through her crowded office, she hears the noise again. She begins to pace faster and faster to get to her office avoiding coworkers and knocking things down. Riley struggles with her keys and then shuts the office door. Its silent for a moment. Then an eerie song begins to play from the closet in her office. Riley slowly walks towards it, her heart beating so loud it pains her ears, there’s a record player playing the song. Riley shuts it off. She breathes, thinking this is some sick prank. Then, as if by some exquisite happenstance, a hand on a shoulder, and the unfamiliar voice, whispers, hello.