Site-specific sound installation, 2015

L'espace m'a toujours rendue silencieux. (Space has always reduced me to silence.)
- JULES VALLÈS, L'enfant.

The sound installation titled “The Listener” explores the idea of silence within a sonic world. The work seeks the absence of sound and the stillness of it through the echoing sound which is absorbed by the surroundings at different frequencies. I examine how reverberant sounds change in a given space, such as in an empty box, in a room, in a building, in a public space after the initial sound is produced and removed. “The Listener,” therefore, is an acoustic record of the time taken for the multiple layers of sound to decay.

“The Listener” is composed of eight channel speakers and white objects are laid out in space with the design of string structures and light. The space is divided by strings in different sections in which the audience is able to sit upon the objects or stand still in the space in order to listen to silence. The light slowly moves across the space along with the surfaces of the room and the objects, creating a unique environment for listening. The audience experiences one minute long silence within the work.


Read such space purely;
Acoustic shift can place relationship;
With the sounds bridged visually in between;
Emerged through space freely;
Musical sculpture by body;
With dynamic sounds still;
Perception takes silence from sound;
My body inwardly speaks between spaces;
The empty perception;
Rise with limits unbroken;
Material cannot construct hearing elements;
The language by my ears fixed;
Attentiveness hears eternity;
The functional echoes stay.

<A Note on Silence>, Rosa Park