Signals And Soundscapes

Field recording project


MEME Ensemble @ Brown University:
Rosa Park, Dolapo Akinkugbe, Michael Caplan, Henry Chaisson, David Cohen, Stephen Flaherty, Jeffrey Hao, Tyler Herman, Jun Ho Hong, Ian MacDougald, Thomas Nath, Brenton Stokes, and Brian House (Lead).

Signals and Soundscapes features eight different environments in the Providence area, from the oscillations of the beach to the clatter of the mall. Each track is edited from hours of our field recordings and group improvisations with electronics, found materials, and traditional instruments. The recording echoes our collective exploration of site-specific listening and performance inspired by the work of R. Murray Schafer, Pauline Oliveros, Ernst Karel, AMM, Francisco Lopez, and others.

“The Shore” (Location: RISD Beach, Rhode Island)


“The Underpass” (Location: Fox Point, Rhode Island)